Blasting Machines & Equipments

(Hopper) Automatic Blasting Machines

automatic blasting machine is a contractor's machine finished. The machine is capable of operating continuously at a maximum working pressure of 150 psi. The machine has been hydraulically pressure tested to 300 psi. This machine comes complete with test certificate. The machine which optimises abrasive consumption/ capacity and ease of handling and increases production rate. Simple effective fail safe remote control system, rugged construction long life fabrication, full bore valves and pipework, extra large inspection port, universal abrasive metering valve.

Abrasive Blast Cabinate

An Economical state-of-the art machine at a price accessible to all sectors of industry due to its performance and affordability. All cabinates use standard suction feed method.

Blast System Package

We offer with us a complete range of Blast System Package and it comprises:

1. compressor   2. after cooler   3. moisture separator   4. oil free filter   5. air receiver   6. blast machine   7. heavy duty coupled air hoses   8. blast hose coupled with nozzle holder and quick coupling   9. remote control   10. deadman handle   11. blast helmet   12. cool air tube   13. helmet air filter   14. nozzle, blast suit   15. blast gloves and safety whip check cable.

blasting Nozzle

We offer wide range of blasting nozzle. All types of blasting nozzle are provided by us at cost effective prices.   Blasting nozzles provided by us are as follow:
1. tungsten carbide aluminium jacketed nozzles   2. tungsten carbide polyurethane jacketed nozzles   3. silicon carbide polyurethane jacketed nozzles   4. syclone nozzles   5. tungston carbide short venturi aluminium jacketed nozzles   6. tungsten carbide straight bore nozzles   7. angled nozzles   8. curved nozzles   9. tungten carbide aluminium jacketed stick -up nozzles   

Blasting & Air Hoses

We offer a wide range of Blasting & Air Hoses and the fittings according to the clients requirements. These are available in diffrent sizes and specifications. 

Pipe Blasting Machines

We offer wide range of Pipe Blasting Machines.
These are as follow:
Internal Pipe Blasting Tool Junior:
Used for direct mounting on 1/2" ID blast hose. Tungsten Carbide tip divides the abrasive into a circular pattern hitting the surface at an angle of 45°. For pipes 11/4" to 2" (33 mm - 50 mm)
Tublast from 2"-12":
Tungsten Carbide deflection head and throat nozzle. For pipes 2" to 12" (50 mm - 300 mm) I.D.
Internal Pipe Blasting Equipment RotoBlast:
The RotoBlast can clean internal pipe diameters from 8" - 36" by using different length nozzles to suit the pipe diameter.