Blasting Accessories

Paint Nozzles

Client can avail us a qualite range of paint nozzles. unique design allows quick unclogging of spray tips without removing them from the spray gun. 


We have with us Water Ring Wet Blasting Attachment. It reduces dust during blast cleaning, fits over the end of standard blast nozzle & connects to low pressure water supply.

Soda Blasting Fan Nozzle

We have with us Soda Blasting Fan Nozzle. This nozzle is of the highest quality manufacture produced in 100% stainless steel. 

Water Injection Wet Blasting Attachment

We have with us Water Injection Wet Blasting Attachment.
1. Injection Head screws between Nozzle and Holder   2. Injects water internally into the abrasive -airstream   3. Unit includes water flow needle valve 

Water Spray Wet Blasting Attachment

We have with us Water Spray Wet Blasting Attachment. This Wet Blast attachment is utilized to inject water supply directly into the blasting air stream, immediately prior to the blast nozzle, to reduce dust levels generated by the blasting process.


The Eductomatic is a portable lightweight dust free blasting machine bvery suitable for fast cleaning of those spots you just can't reach with ordinary blast equipment. 

Suction Blast Gun With TC Nozzle

Client avail us Suction- Blast Gun With TC Nozzle. It is suited for light-duty Blasting jobs. 

Injector Gun E21 With Hose

We offer Injector Gun E21 With Hose. This gun is equipped with a suction hose and pipe. The suction pipe can be put into a bag/barrel from where the abrasive will be sucked to the blast gun and sprayed onto the surface. The air and blast nozzle are made out of hardened steel and the handle is chromed. 

ventilation Ducting

A large selection of flexible air duct for a variety of ventilation applications is available. 

Venturi Air Horn Blower

Client can avail us Venturi Air Horn Blower.
1. Used to ventilate explosive and hazardous vapors or fumes safely   2. Can be used as blower or exhauster   3. No moving parts   4. Lightweight cast aluminum base   5. Static grounding lug is standard   6. Operates on compressed air or steam   7. Induction ratios upto 40:1   8. Accepts flexible duct on diffuser end   9. Operating efficiency depends on compressed air volume and pressure 

Needle Scaler

We offer a wide range of Needle Scaler at the industry leading prices. This Needle Scaler is high performing and widely demanded by our clients. The product is as per the international standards. 

Pneumatic Circular Jet Fans

We offer Pneumatic Circular Jet Fans. Use for general ventilation in any location where compressed air is available. These fans are suited for ventilation of tanks, vessels or other confined areas for the removal of hazardous fumes or contaminated air from welding, abrasive blasting and other operatons. 

Coalescing Oil Removal Filter

We offer Coalescing Oil Removal Filter. High efficiency coalescing filters removing liquid water and oil aerosal to 0.01 mg/m3 (0.01 ppm) and particles down to 0.01 microns. 


Half Mask Respirator single or double cartridge, with soft durable pliable rubber face piece, durable elastic head bands, deep chin cup for a roomy comfortable seal and easy exhaling. 

Blasting Protective Clothing

Avail Blasting Protective Clothing from us .Blsting Gloves, Leather, redpair. Blast gloves are an everyday necessityin the blasting industry and Blastline brand leather gloves are crafted of rugged leather for strength and protection, and lined with a soft sock liner. Leather Blast suit Leather suits are of use in harsh blasting application when using ferrous abrassives such as teel grit, shot and are ideal for cold weather environments. Available in medium, large, X large. 

Filter packages

Custom Filter packages include coalescing type oil removal filters, oil vapor removal filters, separator/filters, airlinefilters and any combination of these filters. 

Air Cooled Aftercooler

The Air Cooled Aftercoolers is constructed like a fin-tube with the compressed air passing through the tube. It has a continuous duty motor with aluminium and highly reliable plastic fans. The Air cooled after coolers are used to transfer the heat from the compressed air to the atmosphere. Using a cooler fan, the compressed air is cooled. 

Painting Hood Junior B

The Painting Hood Junior B is build using a very flexible lightweight polyurethane cape which covers the head and shoulders. Disposable visors, fitted over the hoods main visor, protects the visor against damage and/or splashes. The head band is equipped with an exchangeable sweat band and can be adjusted in width and height, for maximum comfort. 

Painting Hood Junior A

We offer Painting Hood Junior A .Assembled using totally clear acetate components. Light duty full transparent airhood with plastic clamps for disposable visors. 

Blast Hose Safety Cable

Blast Hose Safety Cables are used at all coupled connections on the blast hose. The cables support the weight of the blast hose to keep it from pulling the couplings apart or pulling the hose out of the coupling. The cables also help keep the blast hose from whipping about in the event of a coupling failure. Safety cables should also be used with compressed-air hose connections. 

High Volume Moisture Separator/Receiver Tank

Portable 1600 CFM Capacity coalescent filter removes water from the compressed air supply for multiple blast machines and other pneumatic tools requiring a dry high volume air supply. Supplied with 2" one inlet, four outlet, manual drain valve, safety relief valve and pressure gauge. 

Tank-type Air Receiver Manifolds

Tank-type Air Receiver Manifolds provide multiple air outlets with ball valve controls from a larger (2") air inlet. Includes unit ball valve control outlets, (2") air inlet with four-jaw couplings, pressure relief valve, pressure gauge and drain valve. Other types and sizes of air manifolds are also available. These tanks help eliminate pulsations in the discharge line and also act as storage capacity for intervals when demand exeeds compressor capacity. 

ASTRO Abrasive Blasting Helmet

ASTRO Abrasive Blasting Helmet is a low cost alternative for workers in abrasive blasting applications. It is niosh approved with high pressure and low pressure air sources. Breathing air evenly flows down the front of the helmet minimizing lens fogging and cooling the user. The helmet is a super lightweight abrasion resistant polyethylene shell. Available with flow control valve or low pressure adapter. 

General Purpose Airline Filter

General Purpose Airline Filter are used in compressed air systems to remove liquids and solid particles from the compressed air. it is especially suited for installations that require large flow capacity. Standard features with 50 micron sintered bronze element and manual drain. 

Mini Roller Brushes

Mini Roller for painting in narrow spaces. 100 mm wide roller with threaded handle. 

Boiler Suit

We offer Boiler Suit which can be used in petrochemical, refining, power, high voltages, welding, molten iron and steel splash and high risk hazard industries where heat and flame are involved. Our uniform resists fire & will not break-open when a flash fire occurs which gives a basic protection to the wearer and it has natural cotton feel. 

Deadman Handle

The deadman handle is utilised to control the supply of compressed air to the blast pot and blast hose. The pneumatic remote control system consist of a inlet valve, and outlet valve, a dead man handle and a 'twinline' hose. Upon receiving air supply from the depressed deadman handle the inlet valve instantaneously opens, outlet valve closes, the machine is pressurised and blasting begins. Release of the deadman handle reverses this procedure to depressurise the machine allowing the pop-up valve filling p o r t to open. Reserve supply of abrasive in the concave head or storage hopper then refills the machine. The instant start/stop of a remote control blast machine will effect 20 - 40% abrasive saving, 50% labour reduction, maximum job site safety, and overall