Inspection Instruments

Porosity Detection

There are two different types of Porosity Detection. The one you select is based on the total thickness of the coating/lining system. Low voltage or wet sponge holiday detectors are used on coatings/linings that are less than 500 microns thick. High voltage holiday detectors or spark testers are used on coatings/linings greater than 500 microns, and in some cases down to 250 microns. 

Elcometer 270 Pinhole Detector

We offer Elcometer 270 Pinhole Detector.Variable voltage settings at 9, 67.5, & 90V DC. Complete with belt fastener,probe and lead, and groundwire.

266 High Voltage Holiday Detector

Easily detects pinholes, flaws and thin spots in coatings. Provides safer, easier and more reliable testing than previously possible. Interchangeable Probe Handles allow voltages from 5kv, 15kv & 30kv.

Elcometer Model 106

Testing adhesion or bond strength of the coating to the substrate is imperative for successful coating procedures. Model 106 adhesion tester can be used to test the pull-off strength of a coating or coating system. It is a mechanical adhesion tester, which uses a calibrated compression spring to produce a perpendicular force on pull stub.

Wet Film Thickness

Wet Film Thickness give the inspector a quick, low cost method of checking the thickness of freshly applied coatings. 

Elcometer 224 Digital Surface Profile Gauge

1. Fast and accurate   2. 0-500micrange   3. ideal for allprofiles   4. Take average of several readings   5. With or without memory 

Elcometer 123

1. Surface profile Gauge   2. Take average of several readings   3. Zero on Glass 

Elcometer 122 & 124

1. Testex Tape & Dial Gauge   2. Different coarses available   3. Replica of the profile measure total thickness   4. Subtract 50 microns(thickness of hard plastic window) 

Elcometer 127

Keane-Tator Surface profile Comparator disc (Shot, Grit and Sand) and Magnifier.

Digital Coatingt thickness Gauges

Digital Coating Thickness Gauges measures all non-magnetic coatings over ferrous metal substrates or non-conductive coatings over non-ferrous metal substrates, with integral, PINIP or separate probe. 

Positector 200

This ultrasonic gauge Positector 200 can measure coating thicknesss on concrete, timber, plastic, fiber glass and other non-metal substrates.