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Guangdong Bo Langte intelligent equipment CO.,Ltd. is robot backbone enterprises of R&D, production, sales, service of industrial robots, level robot, IMM robot, stamping robot, die casting robot, intelligent equipment system in Guangdong Provinceļ¼ŒChina. Bo Langte became the first listed company after the NEEQ national expansion on January 24, 2014. Bo Langte is also the first listed company that completes the share register since the NEEQ national expansion in China Securities Depository and Clearing Co., Ltd. The Key of China Robot Industry is: Cost. As long as tens of millions of small and medium-sized enterprises afford and use robots, it will certainly set off China robots demand on tens of millions per year

Borunte is the first name in Robots and Automation equipment from China. Borunte offers robots from economy swing arm sprue pickers and entry level single servo axis hybrid pneumatic traversing robots to full servo driven 3 and 5 axis traversing robots. These robots can be programmed to control your conveyor to help better utilize your labor. Cycle times can become lower and more consistent. Semi-Auto direct labor jobs can now run Full Auto with the use of the robot. End of arm tooling kits come with each robot allowing you to design and build your own tooling to fit your parts. Simple and easy to use kits can be adapted to just about anything you will be molding.